July 18th: GOG's Summer Walkaround Ritual!

21 attended GOG's ADF Druid Ritual walk around our fair city to celebrate the Greek Goddess Demeter, the City of New Brunswick, and the Fullness of Summer! Deb led the ritual, the walk was shorter than usual, but invocations were very good-- very solid. Norma barded, and Lisa was our capable kitchen witch. Lots of good praise, and when we returned Tricia and Lisa and Norma had a picnic ready for us as part of the ritual to honor Demeter as Mother Earth. Our omens were: "Be creative, but be creative for its own ends, for what it gives you in your own growth. But, be creative regardless, it's worth the risk." (We also collected four boxes of cans and foodstuff for the Highland Park Food Bank. They were very appreciative.)

Deb was our Druid-in-Charge.
Well, Fire, and Tree
Lisa, our Kitchen Witch
A few weeks after the ritual, the wheat has sprouted, still on the altar.