Saturn's Day, June 26th: GOG's Summer Walkaround Ritual
This year's Midsummer walkaround ritual honored the White Stag of River Road (local nature spirit) and, as usual, the City of New Brunswick. We had no planning meeting and very little prep, but Tricia and Patty brought glow sticks for the shining ones, and Marc and Jen brought sidewalk chalk-- so we had a beautiful ritual of high-flying invocations completed with sidewalk chalk drawings. The White Stag opened the gates of perception to beauty and magick. We all read our omen, scrying glow sticks: "chaos," "furry animals," "horns," "colorful Pagan diaspora," "the anarchy A," "the rune Mannaz." See the photos of an ADF Druid ritual in sidewalk chalk! Norma was Druid-in-Charge; Ed invoked the White Stag and opened the gates; Deb was Kitchen Witch, saying "bring them all home safely, now...." Kerry made our fantastic White Stag Banner. And we collected a number of cans and boxes for the Middlesex County Food Pantry. 16 attended. (Photos: Tricia and Ed.)
Click here to see an ADF Druid ritual
in sidewalk chalk.