June 25th 2011: GOG's Midsummer Night's Dream Walkaround Rite

15 took part in GOG's Midsummer Night's Dream walkaround ritual in New Brunswick. Karl did a mighty fine job as Druid-in-Charge, organizing and working out Shakespeare's script in the context of an ADF Druid ritual. 14 people either took ritual parts, or parts in the play-within-a-play (Pyramus and Thisbe, as heckled by Oberon, Titania, and Puck). Norma, Blue, and Jen were three scary fairies. We had some glorious rhymed and metered invocations (Nora's Fire-Well-Tree was breathtaking off-the-cuff invoking!) We made a pretty parade through the city in our fairy finery.
Our omens, scryed in flower petals: joyous chaos, dancing figures, a dancer balancing on a ball, lots of dragonflies, flowers made of petals. "Dance and balance in joyful chaos." Or, as Puck interpreted: "Smiling Dragonfly Balls" (which is now her new magickal name).
A big thank you to all who brought cans and food to GOG's summer food drive!

Karl was our multitalented

Bob was our patient kitchen witch....
Cans for the MCFOODS food bank.