GOG's Samhain lasted from Saturn's Day afternoon until Sun's Day night with a short break for sleep. We performed identical rituals both days including a play written by Blue and performed by the Fates with an all-praise in the middle. We held our usual vigil Saturn's Day night, with a pumpkin parade down Easton Ave., Spiritualist seance, divination, all-night fire, and backyard full of altars.
Blue invoked Dionysos both rituals. Different people took different parts in each ritual, but held the same masks. Norma was Druid-in-Charge, balancing grief and humor. Both rituals were intense and emotional. This is the first time we've done two Samhain rituals over two days, and it worked well.
Statistics: 35 attended the Saturn's Day rite, 26 stayed for the overnight vigil, 23 attended the dawn ritual, 10 stayed over or returned for the Sun's Day ritual, 28 attended the Sun's Day ritual, and 25 the Sun's Day funeral for Dionysos and fire offering of the masks. Total: 53 (not counting the 10 who did both). Thanks to all who helped with clean-up (there were many of you!) and organization. And thanks to Marc, Tricia, Tara, Ed, and Maggie for the photos!

Click here for the script of the play "Song for Zagreus / Dionysos"
Click here for the Sun's Day invocation to Hermes, our Gatekeeper
Click here for the Saturn's Day invocation to Apollo, our muse

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Dionysos / Zagreus

Blue, our liturgist and main invoker. Blue also wrote the ritual play, performed by the Fates.

Click here for the script!