November 7th 2009: GOG's SAMHAIN!

GOG's 20th Samhain ritual celebrated the spirit of the grove as well as the season. 40 attended the ritual, 24 attended the vigil, and 17 stayed until dawn to close the gates and help clean up. Norma led the ritual. A lot of praise for the grove, people talking about what the grove means to them. All but 3 people took ritual parts or gave praise! In addition, we raffled off a pair of skulls designed by Norma, a woodblock print by Kerry, and a handmade felt pumpkin by Karl and raised $540 to help Isaac Bonewits with his medical bills. We kept watch around a bone-fire until dawn, worshiped at many outdoor altars, and led our usual pumpkin parade in the streets of New Brunswick; there were crafting lessons, a Kali pooja, divinijam, much feasting, and good fellowship. Lots of people helped with clean up and altar setup and takedown. Many thanks to Alex for kitchen-witching this one! Photos: Bob, Tricia, Marc, and Ed.