GOG's Samhain 2010

Samhain statistics: 31 for the ritual, 20 for the Pumpkin Parade, 15 stayed until dawn for the Vigil. Our omens were very good (Caitlin Matthews' Celtic Book of the Dead): Hazelnuts, Silver Branch, Misty Sea-- Wisdom, counsel; otherworldly communication, inspiration; trust in the unseen. Beautiful ritual to The Morrigan, many powerful and on-target invocations. Norma was Druid-in-Charge. Deb, Kerry, and Patty invoked Nemain, Macha, and Badbh. Karl, Bob, and Ed made raven and crow images fly across the ceiling as Norma, Tricia, Tiff, and Jen sang Isaac's Hymn to the Morrigan. Tricia and Patty read the Morrigan's prophecy after the second battle of Mag Tuired in Gaelic and English. We tried a few new things, like a simultaneous well-tree-fire invocation. Praise was written on joss paper and offered to the fire.

A good vigil night. Alex flew in from Colorado to kitchen witch for us (thanks, Alex, and thanks to all who donated to get him out here). Pat led the pumpkin parade and carved Noble Jack. Marc and Norma led a puja to Kali. Norma had people decorate sugar skulls and our bard, Jen, led a rosary to Our Lady and Santa Muerte. Bob kept watch at our vigil fire and kept it going to dawn. Thanks to all who created our outside altars (they were beautiful) and quickly took them down and cleaned up after we closed the gates at dawn (that was amazing). We raffled off a handmade skull crafted by Norma and a stained-glass dark moon crafted by Kerry and we raised $82 toward grove expenses. 11 attended the Samhain planning meeting, and 6 the Samhain craft workshop. (Photos: Bob and Ed.)

Druid in Charge
Morrigan altar
Macha, Nemain, Badbh
Kerry's Macha painting
More photos:
people, altars, vigil,
pumpkin parade!