November 5t - 6th: GOG's 22nd Samhain Ritual & Vigil
39 attended GOG's Samhain rite. Norma was Druid-in-Charge, and Norma and Alex performed the main invocation to our ancestors and our own pasts and futures. Tricia, Patty, Kerry, and Nora made a sparkly colorful web to depict our journey through time, and Marc created an amazing clockwork web altar table. 43 attended the vigil, and 13 stayed until dawn to take down the backyard altars and close the gates. Alex flew in from Colorado to Kitchen Witch and perform part of the main invocation.
The vigil included a Kali Pooja, a rosary to Mary in her many forms, a Dia de Muertos altar, a pumpkin parade around the block with a gigantic pumpkin, traditional Mexican paper cutting, divination, turkish coffee and lots of great food, a bonefire vigil until dawn, and a reading of our grove's Book of Ancestors. Many people had ritual parts, read pages from the Ancestor's Book, marched and sang in the parade, and kept the festivities going all night. 9 attended the planning meeting to put this all together!
Our omen (from the Halloween Tarot - 9 of bats, 5 of pumpkins, 6 of bats): there are obstacles behind us; the little kid looks lost, but the guy who is leading him is smiling and seems to know where he's going; there are obstacles in front of us, but we have big invisible allies to help and sustain us and lead us.
Many thanks to all who created or donated the beautiful items for GOG's Samhain raffle. We raised $158 dollars for Rose's Ramp Fund. We also took donations for 6 ponchos, so our total contribution is $218. And we have an "a-nonny-mouse" donation of an additional $100, bringing the grove's charitable contribution to $318. A HUGE thank you to all who participated, bought tickets, or contributed!
Photos: Bob and Ed.

Our ritual Bilé, our altar for our journey through the web of time.
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