GOG had a funny, serious, and cathartic Samhain ritual. We had 36 for the rite to Jack of the Lantern (and his many other guises of Jack of the Shadows, Jack of the Beanstalk, Captain Jack Sparrow, Jack Be Nimble...). 25 brave Druids took ritual parts! Norma was Druid-in-Charge as we spun a spontaneous story that brought us to invocations of all aspects of GOG ADF ritual. The story had stolen boats, lots of fire, vaseline, elevators, and much, much more.

Our omens were very good: "Judgement - happy little vampire, zombie apocalypse, but a friendly zombie apocalypse. Knight of Imps - the knight, known in other decks as a /jack/. Prepared and rushing in, trampling over things. King of Pumpkins - the king of pumpkins is a very good sign in a ritual for Jack. Like a thumbs up, if he had thumbs."

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