GOG's Spring Equinox Ritual: The Tempest!

A wild and imaginative ADF ritual inspired by Shakespeare's play, The Tempest! Hillary led the rite, conceived by Hillary, Alex, Pat, Maggie, Kerry, and Monika. Our bard, Jen, and our musicians kept the sounds of a magickal storm raging throughout the ritual; gusts of wind blowing through at appropriate points added to the magick, and the wind died down for the main invocation.
Our gatekeeper, Manannan Mac Lir, was invoked as Prospero, the magician and stormbringer, who was our main deity for this ritual. He also blessed our grove well. Ariel was our muse, and Caliban honored the outsiders. Lots of stormy ocean-praise and great invocations. This sea-tossed ritual was powerful and a little frightening. 23 attended at Sue's magickal Portal of the Porcupine. Many thanks to Sue for hosting, and to all the folks who brought tons of wonderful food (one of the POP people asked if it was "catered"!) and special thanks to those who helped clean up Sue's backyard in the days beforehand (Norma, Alex, Michael, Pat, Maggie, Kerry, Hillary, Alex again...). POP held a lovely Wiccan Ostara ritual in the evening, and there was drumming and a fire at night.

Thank you Marc, for the photos!)


Kerry's painting of Manannan Mac Lir