GOG's 2011 Spring Rite to Manannan Mac Lir

23 attended GOG's Spring Rite to Manannan Mac Lir at Portal of the Porcupine. We had a quite a few new people. Tiffany was an excellent Druid-in-Charge. Kerry invoked Manannan as Muse with the story of Cormac and the Silver Branch, David invoked Manannan as Gatekeeper and opened the gates, and Ed did the main invocation. We had two ex-navy at the rite (and even a drunken sailor to find something to do with). Many people added water to the grove well-- from the Ganges to local taps-- and we blessed the well. David made fisherman's knot bracelets for people to take home.
Our omens, from the suit of cups, pulled from 7 different tarot decks: Ace of Bottles (PoMo deck) "We had a snowzilla of a winter, uncork the bottle, it's time to celebrate"; Ace of Cups (Minchiati deck) "New beginnings, new things to learn, wisdom is the thing that crowns you"; Knave of Holy Water (Vampire Tarot) "Learning doesn't stop with death, adventures and celebrations."
Many of us stayed to enjoy POP's Ritual at twilight, and stayed late to talk around the fire.

Tiffany - Druid in Charge