March 20th: Our Beach Ritual to Manannan Mac Lir on Equinox Day
Each year on the Spring Equinox day, we do a ritual on the beach to Manannan Mac Lir (Son of the Sea, Shining One, God of liminal spaces and boundries, and our grove's gatekeeper) and gather magickal 9-waves water for our grove well. 12 attended a cold ritual under overcast skies. It was raining on the way down, but Manannan kept the rain off during the ritual, which was led by Norma. She had us create the sacred space with a preritual scavenger hunt on the beach that came together as an interesting Druid altar. Offerings were given to Manannan, and in anticipation, he blessed us with a huge wave up the beach that soaked many of us, as well as coats, hats and shoes. Most of us went in the freezing ocean to collect water, or to give offerings. Sharon, formerly of Midnight Sun Grove, performed their traditional "release of the peeps" to fertilize the spring. Then we all had junk food and played arcade games. We wound up at the Atlantis Diner. Later, at Ed and Norma's, some of us stood eggs on end and dyed eggs.