18 GOG members and guests participated in our 2006 Summer Solstice Sunset Ritual on Wednesday, June 21st. We honored the height of the light and the rise of the dark in a full Druid ritual at a rest stop on the Delaware River by the roaring interstate. Our Winter Solstice Sunrise Ritual takes place by the ocean on the east coast of Jersey; our Summer Sunset Ritual takes place on the west coast. Who knew how many people were looking forward to revisiting our solstice rest stop ritual? Maggie and Pat made a papier-maché sun-egg that we cracked open to release the dark inside. The dark was good and gooey and tasted like chocolate. We made sure that the sun set well and good. Afterwards, we invaded a diner and cheered up a waitress.

Marc's Great Photos of the Sunset Rest Stop Ritual!