June 22nd: GOG's First Day of Summer Release the Dark Rest Stop Ritual!

We honored the setting sun and welcomed the coming of summer's darkness. 16 attended this ADF ritual. Pat and Maggie made their traditional pinata egg filled with the night's dark (and candy), and we drew on it, broke it, and released the dark as the sun set, and then took our omen from the cracks in the egg: cracks through everything that had to do with the sun and heat. The clouds were thick above us, but we saw the sun setting, it was lovely, and we had a break from the rain of the last few weeks. This year we held our Rest Stop Rite the day after the solstice, as the solstice fell on Father's Day. (Looking back, our omens were accurate: it's been a rainy, mild summer. Not much sun, not much heat.)