Dawn, Winter Solstice 2007

16 GOG Druids greeted the sun on solstice dawn, who preferred to hide behind clouds. We held an abbreviated (20 minute) ADF ritual on the frigid beach, we sang to the sun, and just as we invoked him, he rose out of the pink clouds, yawned, took a look at us, blinked, and smiled hello. We celebrated the day, fed the nature spirits, Pat and Maggie kept a candle burning through a long night's vigil and into the windy dawn. This was a very satisfying ritual. The rough sea was glorious, and the boreal winds blew flecks of foam all over the beach. Afterwards, we retreated to the Atlantis Diner for hot drinks, food, and the crane machine.

"fa-nat-ic - noun: Inordinately and unreasonably enthusiastic person - synonyms.: enthusiast, extremist, zealot"
   -Websters Collegiate Dictionary.