Sun's Day, December 21st: Winter Solstice Sunrise on the Beach

Sunrise over the ocean on Solstice Morning, a Grove of the Other Gods tradition. A number of folks attended a vigil at Maggie, Pat, and Hillary's, keeping candles burning to keep the light through the night. Before dawn it was sleeting, but not too badly, so off we went. 17 braved the roads and the weather. The beach was dark and windy and the rain was coming down cold and hard, but we went out and performed an abbreviated Druid ritual anyway. The sun was more sensible than we were, staying in that morning behind the clouds. Pat and Alex kept their vigil candles burning on the beach, to finally let the wind blow them out after the solstice moment and the dawn.
We sung to welcome back the sun, we celebrated the day, fed the seagulls, and afterwards, we retreated to the Atlantis Diner for hot drinks, food, and the crane machine. We were all very proud of ourselves!
"fa-nat-ic - noun: Inordinately and unreasonably enthusiastic person - synonyms.: enthusiast, extremist, zealot"
   -Websters Collegiate Dictionary.