26 people attended GOG's traditionally rather silly Yule. We had our usual Yule play; this time we acted out the story of Bran in paper-bag puppets and sock puppets. The cast improvised beautifully on the script. We also performed the ADF ritual with paper-bag puppets doing all the invocations. We believe that we are the first grove ever to do this. Always on the cutting edge, GOG. We had lots of praise, good omens, lots of desserts, and our grove's awful gift exchange. We held our 5th annual Cthulhu for Yulhu grove fundraiser raffle, and Marc won the paper-bag-clad demon from beyond the stars for the second time in a row! We don't know whether to congratulate Marc, or pity him as he stares into the abyss for the second time. We raised 70 dollars for the grove; thanks to all who contributed!
In honor of Bran, our World Tree was the White Tower of London.... with its ravens...
Fearless Senior Druid leads our Yule lunacy....
Our Omens for the ritual
Ritual and play props
Cauldron of rebirth with Irish soldiers


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