GOG's 2007 Yule

GOG's Yules are yusually pretty silly. This ritual was dedicated to Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles, the much-beloved Hindu elephant god. We started the praise portion of the rite with a Bollywood-style musical that told the story of how Ganesh won his argument with his brother Kartikeya and convinced his parents, Parvati and Shiva, that he should marry first.
Tricia DJ'd the music and wrote the script (CLICK HERE FOR THE SCRIPT) which was both followed and ad-libbed up hysterically by our cast of GOG thespians. The praise from the grove commenced with Ganesh's marriage, and then a dancing group praise ensued with Kartikeya's return.
The invocations were strong, centering somewhat on fertility, as Norma had told the story of Ganesh's birth and Kartikeya's birth at the pre-rit. Our omens (from the Royal Thai Tarot): 9 of swords, losses of the past year acknowledged; heirophant / elephant, you can still be reverent while being silly; 8 of pentacles, honesty, craftsmanship, candor; king of swords, a very airy king of swords, Ganesh, lightness, riding on a mouse; king of cups, "Ganesh, obviously!"
Afterwards, we had tremendous Indian food cooked up by Alex and Karl and Norma and others, along with delicious American food and lots of dessert and treats. Bob was our kitchen witch.
Our "Win a Cthulhu for Yulhu" raffle netted the grove $85 (thanks, everybody!). 32 attended.

Our Druid-in-Charge, Norma
Our Scriptwriter and DJ, Tricia
Our Cast:
Pat as Ganesh
Blue as Parvati

Not shown:

Alex as Shiva,

Bob as the Scene Changer

Maria and Deb as
Riddhi and Siddhi, Wealth and Fame
Patty as Kartikeya with his Peacock