GOG's 2008 Yule Ritual

42 attended GOG's 2008 ritual in praise of the Yule season and the folk traditions that celebrate it. There were 5 or 6 new people. The weather was in the 60s (actually warmer than the previous Beltane). The ritual was full of the usual mirth and foolishness. It also included a more-or-less traditional Welsh Wassail and New Year's play featuring the MARI LWYD the Ghostly Grey Mare. We had to match wits with the Ghost Horse in rhyming couplets in order to get the blessing It bestows. The horse had to answer back in rhyming couplets. Alex (in the horse) was quick with his wit, facing 42 people who had come well-prepared to heckle the Mari Lwyd. (The Pwynco rhymes were fabulous-- lewd, crude, and funny-- particularly the ones that referenced Catherine the Great! Sample Pwynco!)
Alex was also responsible for creating the horse's skull (with working jaw!), while Tricia, Patty, Bob, Ed, Norma, Kerry, Maria, Nora, Betty, and Josh helped with the costumes for the horse and the mummer's play (see planning meeting photos!). Ed came up with the play (see script) which was performed by Alex (the Mari Lywd), Mischa (an hysterical hero), Ed (the merryman), Xuk (the doctor), and Kerry (as Saucy Jack). Norma was Druid-in-Charge of the ritual. Our omens were from the Robin Wood Tarot and seemed to include the cast of the play: page of cups, justice, chariot, 7 of swords, one of wands, and 6 of swords (the swan boat that Norma wants us to make next...).
The answer to "Can GOG beat a dead horse?" We called it a draw.

Jenniforensic was our lovely and talented Kitchen Witch, with help from Bob. Photos by Bob, Marc, and Ed.

Later in the evening, we paraded our Mari Lywd down Easton Avenue while singing a variety of holiday carols, from Deck the Halls to Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer. We also had a fire going late into the night, exchanged our awful gifts, and made $191 in our annual Cthulhu-for-Yulhu raffle.


The Hero's Costume
Our Annual Cthulhu for Yulhu Raffle!
Saucy Jack's Bag
The Doctor
Jen was our lovely and talented Kitchen Witch