January 2nd: GOG'S YULE RITUAL!!!

This year's ritual was a celebration of wisdom and heroism and cross-dressing in an epically non-traditional Mummer's Play honoring Athena and Herakles as we *DRAG* IN THE NEW YEAR!!!! Jen was Druid-in-Charge, and wrote the script for the play, (CLICK HERE FOR THE SCRIPT) roughly following the story of Herakles and Omphale, with a mummer's battle between light and dark included in honor of the season. We had 27 attend the rite, cross-dressed in their finest, and we looked fabulous.
Thanks to all for their invocations, and particularly to Jeff as Herakles, Tricia as Athena, Patty as Omphale, Nora as Hermes and narrator, and Hillary as the Lydian Serpent and Holly Beast (& Kerry for creating the holly crown). Thalia was our comedic muse, Richard Simmons led us in "Sweatin' the Horizontal Directions," and we scryed our omen in the sprinkles and frosting on a cake: "the warmth of the sun is with us; the Gods are with us; you can see infinity through the gates-- half of infinity is light, half dark; the wheel is turning; well, fire, and tree are present in the omen, and the cake tastes supernaturally good! There was music, dancing, sun-yarn-weaving, and great food. Thanks to Bob for kitchen-witching, and thanks to all who contributed to GOG's Cthulhu for Yulu raffle.

Jenniforensic, Our Fabulous Druid-In-Charge.
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