December 19th 2010: GOG's Yule Ritual
Bonkers: A Norse-inspired Yule ritual to Loki honoring Tricksters. We had 27 people after a few last minute cancellations due to colds and flu. Kerry did a great job controlling the raucous rite. Hillary gave us a strong Loki invocation. We had broken the ritual down into two sections to make the chaos work at all, with the gate opening being the fulcrum point. Each ritual part was put into a salad spinner and picked at random, the luck of the draw determining the order of ritual. Unexpectedly, the order was only slightly jumbled (and all the songs wound up last: barking version of Jingle Bells for Nature Spirits was memorable). We were expecting disorder and Loki surprised us with order. Hillary and Tricia interrupted the rite periodically with commercial announcements for tricksters.
Our fingernail omens were good: Rich beginnings (Fehu/wealth cattle); To a brand new day (Dagaz/Day); But you need to bring a torch to light your way. (Kenaz/torch). Afterwards Annie led a blot to Loki around a fire. We also collected lots of soap to help fight the cholera epidemic in Haiti. (It took three people to carry all the soap out to Cicely's car! And a big thank you, Cicely, for suggesting and facilitating this grove service project.) We picked up Awful Gifts, and we raffled off our Cthulu for Yulu to raise money for the grove.
12 attended the Yule Planning Meeting.

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Kerry was our Druid-in-Charge
Hillary invoked Loki
Our Fingernail Omens
Snakes! Chtulhu! Awful Gifts! Soap! Loki Blot! More Photos of People! Click Here!