December 18th 2011: GOG's Yule: A Yule in American Mythick Oireland
"A celebration of our collectively created Irish fantasy land, honoring the Gods that populate that land. (We will focus on the Newgrange myth with Dagda, Boann, and Oengus, but the rest can all be goofiness and blarney and "cheer-ta-la-cheer-pataytoes!")
GOG's Yule included a mummer's play, a postmodern retelling the story of how Oengus Mac Og tricked the Dagda out of the "OldeGrange Pub" and turned it into the "NüGrange Grill and Bar." The play was hysterical (Annie was An Dagda; Laura, Oengus; Kerry, Boann; Tricia, Lugh. Script was by Annie). The ritual was lively and fun. Annie was Druid-in-Charge. 27 attended.
Our omen, from the Druid's Tarot: K of Pentacles (3-legged horse), Achtan (Temperance), and 7 of Wands (movement, finishing things): "There are things that are not yet finished this year, but we have the will and strength to finish them in the new year; we need to finish this ritual." Much gratitude to the 9 who attended the planning meeting and made props for the play, and thank you to all those who brought stuff to our huge post-ritual feast (thank you Bob for kitchen-witching!). And thanks to those who participated in GOG's Win-A-Cthulhu-For-Yulhu Raffle; we raised $147 for the grove!
Out of 27 people, 19 took ritual parts in GOG's "Celebration of American Mythick Oireland: our collective imaginary landscape of turf and limestone, populated by myth, legend, and pots of gold at the end of rainbows!"

Annie was An Dagda and Druid-in-Charge
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