We burned a boat! (We were not, however, on the boat... Samhain was another story.)

9 people attended the planning meeting, and we had 27 for ritual. Despite being slightly impeded by the last stage of her pregnancy, Bertha brought us through a quick and dirty Mummer's Play featuring a Mince Pie, St. George the Sun, the Dragon, and 4 sword wielding louts led by a fellow named Jack. Jack was kind enough to act as our gatekeeper for the afternoon.

I'm happy to report that the new year was successfully born, thanks to Ms. Year's expletive laden efforts (12 months of labor is a lot to ask of anyone).

Our omens were taken from a 50s clipart oracle. Our interpretations were that the weather continue to be unpredictable (thermometer), have a cup of good cheer (liquor) and it's going to be a bumpy ride (man w car). These were summed up as "it's going to be another year in Jersey".

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